What do you feed your goats?

Polunu - This is Polunu, a Hawaiian name meaning "chubby". He is mostly Pygmy and is one of the last bucklings to be born out of my first goat, a Pygmy buck named Snapper. In this picture he is climbing on a fallen branch that he discovered in the nursery pasture after a bad rainstorm. He is not the most lovable baby in the pasture right now but he loves to have his chest scratched.
United States
March 9, 2007 9:16am CST
I received tons of advice on what to feed my goats when I started adopting them. I was told to use food made specifically for goats, all-stock feed, sweet feed for mares and foals, corn, etc. I decided to stick with Purina feed since I have used Purina for years on all my other animals. They get Purina Goat Chow in the morning, Orchard/Alfalfa cross hay in the evening and have an all-you-can-eat buffet in between. For treats we give raisins, whole corn, ice cream cones and corn chips. Do you give your goats grain? What type of hay do you use? What is in their pastures? Always looking for more info on goats and love to see what other people are doing for theirs!
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• Hong Kong
12 Jun 07
my pug eat alpo~