Which one is the important for you

March 9, 2007 11:12am CST
Hi all friend.Which one of these things are important factor if your want to find your lover for marry purpose .His/her religiosity, financial stability, matured responsibility, high level education, wealth parents or you have you own criteria.Please Share here with all.
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@salam1 (1474)
• Malaysia
9 Mar 07
Religious/faith is the most important. Trust me, I have married. If my wife has no religious value such as patient, respect, in short knows what is good and what is bad then I will not be happy. If you have partner that has no religious value, you will not happy even though you have tonnes of money!
• Malaysia
12 Mar 07
I totally agree with you.Religiosity is the first important thing in our life. Its will make us always remember to follow and give our responsibility to have the best relationship between human and human, also between human and other creation of the god.Money without religiosity still make you as
• Malaysia
12 Mar 07
Money without religiosity still make you feel nothing although you have a lot of money.
@grudge (299)
• India
11 Mar 07
MAtured Responsibility
@d_eagle (100)
• Philippines
10 Mar 07
i used seven guidlines in choosing my lifetime partner 1. Master - we should be of the same faith so less will be the arguments 2. Mission - we sould be the same passion or interest, our ministry, or at least the things that we want to do in, life are related. 3. Mate - he should be my good friend or at least starting a good friendship.it is important that i knew him. 4. Parent - considering parent opinion wont hurt to much, and still important 5. Godly Counsel - consulting to married people and your trusted friend and his friends too. 6. Signs and wonders - you may call it coincedence or what but this thing can happen. 7. Holy spirit Guidance - this one will not be for all i guess so ill just leave as is. there you go, these are my guidelines.
@kapoet (271)
• Indonesia
10 Mar 07
I like the man who have a good brain. Inteligent but must have a good style too. He must respect about anythin in this world. And the most important, he can understand me. That's enough.
• United States
9 Mar 07
Mature responsibility. I think that if you have this then you can get further in life. Most people who have money and arent mature, will usually spend it as quickly as they get it instead of investing and saving for that horrible storm that will eventually come. A high education is good to have but not exactly neccessary. What I mean by this is that, you can do a lot of things without a great education. My husband never furthered his education after Highschool and he makes $25.03 an hour, but he does manuel labor( supervisor at a sheet metal shop). Without an education you do have to work much harder for the rest of your life and with an education, you can find a job much easier with higher paying salary and sometimes not have to do hardly anything.
• Bulgaria
9 Mar 07
I'm still young for marriage but I can answer this question. For me there are a few importnat factors: matured responsibility, a good education and job, finantial stability is ok, although that I can hadle about this too, I don't care how wealthy are his parents and the religion, just not islam or something like this, because it's absolutely unexceptable for me. But the most important factor,plus it is my own criteria is Love.