Are you in control over your life?

March 9, 2007 11:21am CST
Is any of us truly in control over our lives? It is a question that usualy makes us answer yes. At first glance, we might think this is true, but... Who takes care of our health? Are we truly responsible for it? Who is in charge of our paychecks? Who lets us go on vacations? I can think of many other major fields in life that people let others take control over for them. I decided to do something about it.
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@220870 (249)
• India
9 Mar 07
There are certain things in life which are in our control like hard work, discipline, promptness, politeness. At the same time certain things like health, job opportunities, education[depends how sound our parents are financially], accidents, natural calamities cannot be controlled by us. I think it is fate.
• Israel
16 Mar 07
Hey there, Do you realy believe that job opportunities are not in our control? Or is it just easier to think this way? Might it be that we find buisness opportunities every day and just turn our heads away for some reason? And health - what do you do to maintain it? There is a measure of control you can have in that field also. I use Nikken products, excercise, drink mostly good water and so forth. Education? If you want to study, you will. It is the same as buisness opportunities around you - seize one of them, and make your dreams come true. It is easier to say things are not in our control, because it takes the responsibilty of our shoulders. Don't you think you should do the best you can to take responsibility over yours and maby your family's lives, and not leave it to fate alone? What is fate? Fate is nothing but chances and odds - make sure the oods are at your side.