How do you put yourself first?

@cdparazo (5768)
March 9, 2007 12:11pm CST
I am a single parent who works very hard to support my 2 kids. In the midst of all the hectic schedule and all the things that I have to do, I have to find ways to do things for myself. It's my way of taking care of myself so that I could also go on and do all the things that I have to do. It's form of self preservation for me wherein everyday I have to have at least an hour a day just to be by myself, to think things through and to relax just a little. Sometimes I go take a walk at the mall or window shop or eat alone at a restaurant. I find that I have to have these times all by myself so that I could still have enough energy and presence of mind to do all the chores at home until late in the evening. How about you other mothers out there? Do you do things that put yourself first?
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9 Mar 07
I am a single parent too. In the week I have hardly any time to myself, I just have to enjoy the peace once they are in bed. I do get some time off at the weekend when their dad has them and that is when I take time out for me and can really relax and have a decent nights sleep.
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