do you think a girl should slap............

March 9, 2007 12:47pm CST
do u think that a girl should slap the boy who proposes her but she dont like him? i think that its very poor that the slaps a boy as it was his first love.... the could have simply ignore him ..... bu the decision of slapping made the boy afraid of proposing any other girl....whats ur feelings abt you????????? i think this incident must have occured by many of plz reply ur feelings....
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• India
9 Mar 07
i dont think that any mature girl will take this step but it depends on the situation... 1. girl know that boy or not its a big matter...if yes then that boy even wont go for this step because he must be aware that what that girl can do??.... if no then depends how that girl will react it cant b say... 2. slapping any one its really a big step so if that boy propose her in a party or any happening place so it can be a big issue so may be girl will take this step.... 3. proposing anyone for a joke its not a gud thing so if a boy is going to propose any girl then firstly he should consider a lot on this... Frankly speaking this incident never occured in my life yet ....i have a girl friend we were best friends and then we have decided that we will spend our whole life together..... this is wht i felt and i hope it will work for you..
@smacksman (6072)
9 Mar 07
Welcome to myLot!! I think it would be terrible for a girl to slap a boy simply because he expresses his love for her. She should be flattered! The other reason she must not slap boys is that in this day and age of no chivalry, she is liable to get a slap back!