Recovery after an Appendectomy

March 9, 2007 12:51pm CST
Hey. Last Thursday I went into the hospital because my appendix was about to explode. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about healing time. My surgeon was not a man of many words so I really dont know what I can, and cannot do - and for how long. A Little bit of background. I know that it was a little complicated. They could not do it the easy new way. They had to do it the old fashion way so I have a lengthy scar on my belly. I was out on antibiotics for several days afterwards. So I think it might have burst? So I am just wondering if anyone know how long until I can take a bath, go to the gym, go back to work, drive? Anything. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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@zhuuraan (961)
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23 Jun 08
well, I know this discussion is out of date and you are long since recovered, but you obviously had a crap surgeon. It is part of their job to explain all that stuff. I had my appendix removed four days ago and he told me most of the info. Mine had not yet burst so I only have three tiny incisions as opposed to one large one but he said it'd be at least a few weeks before I can take a bath or swim. No heavy lifting. Most htings I can do though. He said the steri strips, the things sort of like bandaids that are over the incisions would come off themselves in about ten days. I have an appointment I need to make in about ten days or so from now and I am sure he willt ell me everything I need to know from that point on as well. As I said I realize it's out of date but hopefully it might help someone else who has the same experience in the future.
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20 Mar 08
I had an emergency appendectomy when I was 13 years old. And since then I've had 3 more surgeries. My body is one of many mysteries, but you would never know it by looking at me. I have made just about a full recovery from all of them and live a routine teenaged life with little complications. -My appendix did in fact rupture and that was the scariest thing in the world to a 13 year old. But i stayed strong and made it through just fine. I was hospitalized for 6 days because like you, I had to have the large incision done as well as the lacroscopic ( new easier way). They tried to do the lacroscopic in hopes that it hadnt already ruptured but when they actually got in they realized it had ruptured, so they had to make that larger cut. So I have a total of 4 scars from all of that. But when i got home it was pretty rough for a while. You really have no idea how much you use your abdomen muscles until you cant. I did most of my sitting, standing, and walking while aplying pressure to my stomach with a pillow, it helped A LOT! I did that for about 2 weeks, then from there i just kept getting better and better. My total down time before i could go back to my normal activities was probably about a month. I made a FULL recovery from that though, and I'm sure you will too. :]