Things on the internet that p$#% me off

@hroptr (13)
March 9, 2007 1:35pm CST
Ok so I have learned an expensive lesson, more than once now. LOL Well to start I have bought into one too many online money makers. I have only lost maybe $200 at the most. But that was my $200. So I have decided to stay will one online business and only 2 or 3 hyips. Problem is that these companies come along, get you sign up, pay in, and even manage to pay you once or twice, and its either poof gone or they never pay you. They never respond to emails and never have a phone number or actual address. They are always recommended by websites I visit. But never am I able to get my money back. There should be a group the licenses these sites or something. I know what not to do 9/10 but there is still that 1 that will get my money and run. You have no way to get back what you put in and you have to explain to people that trusted you about this company, why they just got boned. There is no fairness in the virtual world. so hold on tight to you e-gold, paypal and never use your credit card. So what do you do? Please tell me LOL
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@JackBravo (970)
• United States
24 May 07
hyip = scam. stop investing your money in them. just don't do it. not worth the risk.
• Canada
9 Mar 07
So far I have been lucky and have never been scammed for anything yet , I say yet because it happens to so many people when they least expect it . I refuse to put money into any of these sites that promise to pay me if I do though as right away I assume this is a scam because if it was legit , then I feel they wouldn't be looking for money .