How many people upload vids on youtube?? and what are they?

@omy247 (193)
March 9, 2007 2:30pm CST
How may people upload videos as well as watch them and what are they. Give the links to your uploaded vids. I have uploaded 2 but you can count it as 1, cause the second is a slight modification of the first. So go to and search for omy247...plz leave a comment and rating, i am dieing to get 1..
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• Finland
11 Mar 07
well first i just watched vids there for a very long time. but now that more of my friends know about that site it's nice to load something for them to see :). and i only uploaded 2 so far. first was just a little clip of my pet squirrel and the second something silly with my friends. here my profile
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@omy247 (193)
17 Mar 07
i saw your vids. They are a bit wierd but still good
• Indonesia
9 Apr 07
let me kn ow whats is all about. because I cant sreamiong. if I want to watch vids, I must download it first T____T I upload some vids at maybe we can share
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• United States
23 Aug 07
I only watch videos on youtube. However my friends and I are starting to script some material to film.
@Zalvor (727)
• Turkey
17 Mar 07
There is a link to my videos on youtube in my profile. Drop me a message if you like them!
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