Global Dimming

March 9, 2007 3:10pm CST
I was watchin g a program the other day on Global Dimming. What it was there is not as much sunlight reaching the earth surface this is casued by particles in the air that are so small water covers tehm but are too light to fall as rain the they act like a mirror and reflect the sun light in places as much as 20-30%. They were able to prove this by evaporaton tests that have been done for many years. The tempretures are about the same but the amount of water evaporating is less. Becasue there is not enough sun rays reaching the water. Do you think this to try and draw attension from global warming or something contributing to it?
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• United States
9 Mar 07
I recently watched the film An Inconvenient Truth regarding global warming and was surprised at all the information to back it up. I've never heard of global dimming! I would have to do more research on that topic before I could comment on how true it is!
• Canada
9 Mar 07
i seen that one and another series call Strange Days on Planet Earth it was similar to the Inconvienent Truth. This show was on BBC and was called Global Dimming