Spirituality & Comparative Theology/Philosophy

March 9, 2007 4:33pm CST
I think it's pretty easy to see what happens when we die. We decompose, we become are part of the earth. All the atoms that make up our body, mind and the electric currents that we call life, and that reaction that we call the spirit break down when we die, and return to the earth and air, to become parts of that from which we came. You can call "god" the atomic connection of every particle of matter that exists. Enlightenment is realizing that connection and seeing everything as one entity, heaven is having our consciousness dissolve into peace and tranquility (absense of thought and feeling). That may scare some people; the idea that we as people and individuals disappear. But it's comforting to me, that we lose all burden and become a part of the earth. I think the closest philosophy to this idea is native american belief. I believe they're the most correct because that culture is based on the observation of nature, and as pretty as religion is, and as precise as science is, nature is reality and holds the answer to everything, because it is everything.
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