Life, death and beyond...

March 9, 2007 5:03pm CST
I thought this would make a good conversation, hopefully quite casual, but deep nevertheless. I enjoy talking about stuff like this and hearing other opinions, ie thought about it myself quite a bit. I do consider myself a realist, and i do seek out the scientific explanation to most things (like most people) but im not an atheist. I think its very depressing to think that when you die everything just "ends" I beleive in having a soul. But the interesting thing is that your personality can change if you get say, a nice bump on the head. I remember i saw a documentary which included a story about this construction worker who fell and a metal pole went through his head, miraculosly he survived. Apparently it went through a part of the brain which scientists didnt know the use of. Anyway, although he survived, his personality changed completely. He used to be loving and kind to his family, but now he was short tempered and violent. Very scary imo. One litttle theory i thought of is that the brain is a sort of cockpit, and the soul is the pilot. The cockpit gives the pilot new abilities but restricts others. If the cockpit gets damaged, the pilot wont be able to use it to its full ability. Another thing i beleieve in is reincarnation, for some reason it sounds more logical than heaven and hell. I also beleive in God, im not sure why... i just do *shrug* I guess its just nice to think that there is an ultimate compassionate force to help us out.
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