deadbeat drivers

March 9, 2007 7:37pm CST
Thats right it is not a typo. I am so annoyed at all of the people who drive, who don't pay attention to lights or the speed. I have almost been hit walking across the street because people don't pay attention to lights. Since when did red mean "speed up as fast as you can". The other thing which irks me is IF one of these twits ends up hitting someone, ten to one they get off because the person's word is against theirs, and most of the time ICBC listens to the driver and not the innocent person they were hit. Case in point today. I was just putting my foot out in the crosswalk as the light had turned red. The guy who sped through slowed down just as I began to walk and then he sped up and gave me the finger. Hello buddy, I was in the right of way. LEARN THE LIGHTS or get off the road! I mean what would have happened if this guy hit my daughters stroller? She would have had no chance! People don't watch. I hope the guy loses his license, I do. The police need to be out there in full force to watch these guys. How people like this get a license is beyond me
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