Play a little game?

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March 9, 2007 11:31pm CST
This has nothing to do with the internet or video games. And it won't take anything out of your time of day. Other than to reply of course. Remember when you were a kid and you could entertain yourself and your friends even if you were in a plain empty room? Like a 'who laughs first' contest, or a thumb war or something. I visited a friend today who has an after school program for kids (ages 5-11) and they play a lot of those kinds of games. I thought it was cute of course, but also pretty cool, especially how they don't need anything other than themselves and maybe words to a song. Anyways, these days I would say most of us grew out of those games. Well at least somewhat, maybe interacting with each other in a playful way is in our nature. Just carry on with your normal day and see if you and a friend play any sort of little game. They don't have to be anything special at all, I'll give an example. Today I was with a friend, and there was a $20 bill. 10 was mine and 10 was his, so we both had to figure out the change situation. He pulled out a $10 bill and I only had a $5 in my pocket. So there was a $20, 10, 5 on the table. This whole story seems long only because I'm explaining the whole thing, but this was all in a few seconds. He went to grab at the money, the $20 first of course, which ended up in my hand somehow. On instinct, we went for the rest, where I got the $10 and he only had his $5. "Okay, you win," he says. And that's where I thought of this silly topic. Win at what? We ended up sorting the situation out where we each got paid, seconds after. So it was just a little game for about 2 seconds of fun. I'm sure it happens everyday, you just have to notice it. How many times do people say "Okay you win." Did you play a little game today?
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3 May 07
I haven't had alot of outside interaction this week because I've been at home .. so other than my son and husband, not many chances to play little games but I do know what you are talking about. But I will share with you a little game that my son and his friends play to entertain each other during their lunch at school. They are a group of maybe 6 guys and they will watch for other students passing by that look similiar (hair color, size or whatever) to someone in their group and then they will pick on their friend. For example - one of the kids names is "Jake". He is a little husky and has blondish spikey hair. They see some stranger student walk by that has the same look but is wearing his socks kinda high. One of them might say "hey Jake, why're you wearing your socks so high?" and then they will all bust out laughing. They don't say it close enough for anyone else to hear and they aren't trying to rag on the stranger - just picking on their friend more than anything. Interesting discussion - hopefully other people come in and reply too.