@vanities (11409)
Davao, Philippines
March 10, 2007 1:40am CST
do you believe that consistency of character that is good one i presumed of course what gains respect of others?/
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@parmanu (784)
• India
2 Apr 07
I think its not just respect which makes up a character. Much of it is derived from the family of a person. Every one in the world from time immemorial has recognised the fact that parents influence the character of a child the most. In fact, they build his character. What is character? Character means the development of the inborn, God given talents. These talents develop according to the environment, the social climate and the early contacts with people in the world. What is the child's early environment? His home, which creates his first social climate. The child starts learning from the time of his birth. The mother is his first companion, the father next and Siblings and other relatives come later. The first impressions on his mind are created by his parents. These impressions are the real foundation of his character. The lessons of love, affection and sacrifice are learnt from parents. At this stage it is the language of love only that the child understands. When he grows a little older, he learns how to talk, and active communication of ideas between the child and the parents starts. The foundation of character becomes firmer and stronger. On this foundation is built the edifice of the physical, mental and spiritual development of the child. The edifice will be strong and beautiful if the foundation is strong and will be weak and ugly if the foundation is weak. As the child grows he learns more and more from his parents. Their conversation, their actions, even their caressing influence him. If they are mean, covetous and criminal-minded, the child will develop these qualities. If they are honest, brave, patriotic and spiritual-minded he will become good. If they respect his personality, tolerate his ideas and views, keep him cheerful and happy, he will grow up to be an extravert and normal but If he is suppressed he will grow into an introvert, pessimist and unsociable. Parents can give the child good habits, they can also give him bad habits because he is under their direct influence. These habits will stay with him for life. His complexes will be built as he is influenced by his parents. Take the completions for professions such as the Army, Administration, Police, Business. Why is one's family background taken into consideration? Why do people defend the name of their parents and families? What is discipline? Discipline is another name for pleasing habits and good behaviour. It is under the influence of parents alone that a child learns it. Hence the influence of the parents upon the child is supreme.
@bicklelady (1411)
• United States
11 Mar 07
Yes I do. That is what most people look for.
• Singapore
10 Mar 07
Pretty much true, I guess. If you are consistent displaying good integrity for one, people are more likely to trust you. After all, this is something like a "track record"! ;-)