Body modifications

United States
March 10, 2007 3:08am CST
How many of you would change a part of your body had you the money? Which part? Scrotum?
3 responses
@rocaleo (46)
• Nigeria
10 Mar 07
If i had enough,I'll look for someone who does not have a complete part and give him the chance to leave. The essence is that i am good the way i am and so change will cause an entire change in my life.
@Zmugzy (773)
10 Mar 07
Being such a perfect specimen I always struggle to find an answer to this question. I definitely have a beautiful scrotum so no need for alterations there. No, if I had the money I would much rather spend it on something else... like a couple of extra mirrors for my bedroom.
@krayzee (1160)
• Romania
10 Mar 07
If I'd had the means I'd change my own metabolism. How pleasant would that be :) :) Yes I know the metabolism is not a body part but it's the only thing I want to change at my body (which doesn't mean I have a perfect body LOL it's just that I got used to my body parts the way they are now and I accept them so why change them :P )