Abortion and infanticide. Philosophical theories.

Protesters on the abortion issue. - Pro and anti oppinions abut the legality of abortion.
@cristi12 (378)
March 10, 2007 8:38am CST
Some time a go I had to write an essay for my philosophy class, which had as subject Michael Tooley's philosophical theories regarding infanticide and abortion. He wrote and article called "Abortion and Infanticide", in which he goes into detail explaining how newly concieved phoetuses don't have a wright to life because they are not self-aware, no moral status, so they are considered non-persons. I myself am against this theory. Nowadays scientists have discovered that even at the earliest stages of labour, a phoetus shows singns of consciousness and self awareness. When I presented the paper to the class, I got mixed oppinions.:) Most of my classmates were against these practices, but some of them thought that it's the mother's wright to have an abortion if she decides so. What is your oppinion? Is it okay to end someone ( notice how I said "someone" )else's life? Do people have a wright to do so? I think that it isn't. There are many other alternatives, like putting the baby up for adoption, giving it a wright to live. When he grows up, I think he will be very gratefull you didn't kill him back then.:))
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@imsilver (1667)
• Canada
11 Mar 07
I'm serious pro-choice. I don't think that it matters exactly what I personally feel about abortion. I think that every woman has the right to decide for herself. It isn't up to the government or the courts to tell us what we can and cannot do. I truly believe that in some situations that abortion may be the only option and a woman should have the right to get one if she feels that it is necessary in her life.
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@cristi12 (378)
• Romania
11 Mar 07
Yes, of course the decision should always be left to the woman in cause. There are certain cases in which abortion is necessary, like when the pregnancy is putting the mother's life in danger. And the decision to have or not have an abortion shouldn't be a legal problem.