Start a new life - today

March 10, 2007 8:56am CST
I was thinking a hundered tumes of changing life. To leave all people I know, go elsewhere (other country or even other part of the world), find a job there just to be able to live (sleep,food,...). There were 3 occasions when this was not just a dream but I was thinking 100% seriously.Once I wanted to go in India and stay there.I was living in Budapest/Hungary at that time.I wanted to rent out my appartment to my friend (he would pay me for 3 months in advance) and go to india with that money to start my new life.I packed up my stuff and went to the highway (to make a hichhike - I wanted to go with hichhike, at least to Turkey and maybe than with train).By way I went to friend's working place to get his rent-money.But my friend changed his mind and didn't want anymore rent out my apartment.So I went to highway anyway, but didn't hichhike to India but west-to Slovenia (my mother,my girlfriend,my friends lived in Slovenia).So I didn't go. But even now when I'm older (now I'm 27, at that time I was 19), I have this dreams a lot of times. Do any of you think a same thing ? Do any of you want to live everything and start a new life? Or yet better: DID any of you MADE that already ?
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• Philippines
10 Mar 07
Hmmm... not really. i'm happy with my life right now. i'm content with what's happening.. but ofcourse i still want more things to happen in the future and the other days to come. i don't want to just leave everything and start all over again. but then, that isn't such a bad idea. because that would actually be very interesting. on the otherhand, it would be best to keep everything. in the sense that you do move on with life.. grow! but still, keep the old memories hanging around.