GSM real-time tracking

March 10, 2007 9:17am CST
For a long time I was searching if I can find some GSM tracking service (to be able to know where my family, girlfriend, friends are at a moment). Only thing I finded are : - UK services (they are some of them, they use GSM tower tracking system , 3 towers , accuracy=100m) , only in UK - 1 USA service, similar as UK - few of USA GSM/GPS services (don't work without gps) - lot of "joke sites", where you have to just enter the number you want to track (work worldwide thay say), and then it shows you a sattelite image (like google earth).But all sites are only a joke, when you enter the number, it show's you some map, then more close, then more close again, and at the end they show you a censured picture (supposed to be your girlfriend/boyfriend) making a s.x with somebody. Supposed to be a joke. If any of you know for any real GSM trracking services, please write it to me! I'm able to pay for real information!
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