who is the best team in the football!!!

@sanjude (253)
March 10, 2007 10:28am CST
i think the best team in the football is brazil or england what do u think i think its i could'nt say properly but i think its brazil what do u think about this!!!!!!
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@ram_cv (16515)
• India
10 Mar 07
As far as statistics are concerned it is currently Italy and Barcelona. Of course, Barcelona has been knocked out of UEFA Champions League this season so whoever replaces it would be the best. As far as popularity is concerned, it has to be the Brazillian, English, Real Madrid and Liverpool teams that are the best of the best currently. Cheers! Ram
• Malaysia
11 Mar 07
By far as the football/soccer establish worldwide either nationally or in club, best team comes with best coach. Based on statistic, I agree with Ram but when it comes to performance, quality, technically and tactically -- I choose Portugal and Liverpool.
@MrSaleh87 (341)
• Egypt
24 Mar 07
I THink France was the best team from 1998 to 2000 and at these days Brazil is the best team for sure
@banban26 (124)
• France
12 Mar 07
Espagnol clubs are best
@seamonkey (1979)
• Ireland
11 Mar 07
I think Brazil is the best. I know I prefer watching them as they are more like dancers than rufians. The French are also good, because when they are on, they are on fire. Pity about when they are off, because they are abismal.
• Portugal
10 Mar 07
Brazil has great players but, tactically, they're not so good. All they have is great players who can solve a match in one play. Having great players doesn't mean they have a great team, look at Real Madrid, they waste millions but they haven't won anything. England hasn't proven anything at the moment. I always have faith on Netherlands and Argentine but last World Cup they disappointed me. Italy is playing badly after the World Cup. Portugal is doing the same. Anyway, I'd choose Netherlands, they have a good squad, hopefully Van Basten will be wise enough to get the best from his guys.