Do left handers have an advantage or right handers?

@reaperz (1266)
United States
March 10, 2007 9:13pm CST
Do they? I think left handers have and advantage but not quite sure of it. Some of my friends agree with me too! Do lefties have an advantage over righties?
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@karvin87 (1034)
• India
11 Mar 07
hey am a right hander..and i guess more than 90% are!! ideally a rt hander is more skillful as they are called dextrous(means = skill ful) butthen i fell left handers are more creative and normally does well in fields of creativity...i tried writing with left hand and it took me 10 days to practise and gain some expertise in it..though m not a perfectionist yet!!! its fun to do things with both hands i should say...!!!!
@lkbooi (16093)
• Malaysia
11 Mar 07
I think right handed have an advantage .As we all know most of the people in this world are right handed so many tools are designed specially for the right handed. It will be very inconvenient for left handed to handle these tools.