Does Anyone Know Why Men Are So Stupid??? Million Dollar Prize for The Answer.

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March 10, 2007 11:29pm CST
Can anyone tell me why men make such dumb choices? I really believe that men do so many things a woman would never consider doing. You might wonder what I am talking about. For starters, if you don't like long discussions this may not not be the topic for you to reply. My brother has a habit of taking off all of his clothes just to take a dump? Is that not psyco or what? A man I know got caught cheating on his wife by sending an e-card to his wife instead of the mistress. A woman would never have gotten caught that way. Another guy I know takes his clothes off completely except for his underwear when he walks through the door. Some men are so stupid that they avoid paying low amounts of child support and then decide to pay a huge accumulated amount once they get arrested or called to court. Why can't they come up with the $50 a week, but if arrested they can make a payment of $2000 or more? Why do men spend so much money on their cars but they still live at home with their mothers? Why do some men think as long as they pay child support they've completed their parental duties? Why do men cheat on their women with the ugly, trashy, unpresentable girls with no jobs and kids by 5 different fathers? My God son and I were talking about colleges today. He is 17 and in most situations he is pretty logical. Well I asked him what school was he looking at he said "Tennessee State". I was impressed. But when I asked him why, I nearly fell over when he said "because I the like the color orange". Then I asked him what he wanted to study he replied, "basketball". I explained to him that he might be able to try out for the team or something, but he couldn't major in basketball. I asked him about considering studying sports medicine or management and he asks, "Can I study to be a coach?" He absorbed nothing I said. Absolutely Nothing. Okay, as I am sure you figured out there is no million dollar prize. I just had to know if anyone agreed with me and if they had any funny stories about a dumb man to share. If you do, share the sstories I am sure we could all use a good laugh. So does anybody know why men are so stupid???
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@kelly60 (4548)
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17 Mar 07
My ex is the one you mentioned who can't pay the weekly $50 so he waits until he gets threatened with jail to pay the lump sum. I have been saying how stupid this is for years. It never has made any sense to me, but this has been going on for eleven years now and he still hasn't figured it out. I guess he never will.