Toilet problems

South Africa
October 16, 2006 12:59pm CST
Jinx our 10 month old Daschund uses our bed as a toilet! I have had him nutrured, it went well for about a month but he has started again. He also at times goes on the carpets.Spray on and washing products do not help. He is a lovelly dog but this is getting too much! Help! Collette
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@pusiket (1757)
• Philippines
26 Oct 06
i don't have any idea on how to toilet train a dog. i have no inclings on them. but i can suggest you patiently teach your pet all over again until he mastered it very well. i know, dogs are one of the most intelligent animals we have around. all you need is a very long patience.
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@Jshean20 (14359)
• Canada
26 Oct 06
This is common in puppies but to be on the safe side you should be taking him to the Vet to see if he has some kind of urine or kidney infection. Often when pets (especially dogs) pee in the house, they are trying to tell you something or they are simply not being let outside enough.
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@92Cero (134)
• Italy
26 Oct 06
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@Jotunheim (169)
• Denmark
26 Oct 06
Our dog used to do this aswell, especially when excited. I'd advice you to let it outside alot and take your time before going back in. Also kicking the dogg hard in the face when it pees inside helps... (LOL J/K on that last one :P )