tell your advice for new people who want to purchase a mobile....???

March 11, 2007 3:40am CST
Imagine i am a new user.... i have no idea about anything about cell phones.... what all should i do before i buy a cell phone.... in terms of model, brand, shop, etc..... plzz suggest something..... which would be useful....
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@meera88 (737)
• India
11 Mar 07
well my advice will be to follow to follow these simple rules when buying a cell phone.. --mostly dont buy nokia series 60 they get slowed down by time n at times they freeze too..but u can buy series 40 phones.. --buy sony ericcson phones..they r of less weight..n if u hav one of their walkman phones...u dont have to carry an ipod...cos the sound quality is best in sony..
• Canada
11 Mar 07
1) Research the available features, and choose the ones you want before you begin shopping 2) Pick a price range, there are sometimes offers where if you sign a contract, you will get the phone for free. (be careful here because ending the contract early can be quite costly) 3) Figure out what exactly you will be using the phone for, and how much usage you will need every month 4) Shop around with different phone companies to see who can best suit your needs for the best prices 5) One last tip, keep record of the different companies' rates and use them to barter with other companies. (eg; the other company will give me the same package for 5 dollars cheaper, why should i choose your company, what can you do to make me a better offer) This will get them on the phone with their managers, because trust me they can always make you a better deal. Just dont rush it, shop around, find something you like for the price you like, and have fun with your new phone!
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@lols189 (4797)
11 Mar 07
well you should firstly go to the phone shop that has most custom or cheap deals on phones. if want one of the latest released models then ask the shop assistant they will tell you all the benefits. i reccomend nokia, samsung or sony ericcson as excellent brands of phones