March 11, 2007 4:04am CST
Institution Meets Institution.It's destined be the ultimate get-together.Following her Oscar for her portrayal of Elizabeth Windsor,Helen Mirren is like to receive an invite from Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen herself. She is the first Briton in 15 years to win a Best Actress Oscar,but predictions that be the Morgan's film would sweep the board in Los Angeles proved unfounded.There were awards for the actor Forest Whitaker and veteran director Martin Scorsese,but once again Peter O Toole left ceremony for the 8th time empty-handed.Here is our correspondent Nicholas Glass. The nominees for this year's academy award..The kick things all for a change or the Oscar nominees were invited to stand are record 177 have been this year.Here is our predictor board on the vary.For the good year,nevertheless for what the old guys,the movie droughts the 70s recognizing one of their own. And the Oscar goes to Martin Scorsese,the 46 little Martin was finally getting his juice,6 time lucky,standing innovation and a rustle from jacket.The Departed also took Best Picture,it's not vetted score sassy.The academy have botchily overlap the director's best work,so this movie is bloody and entertaining,mistaken money than any movie he's ever made.Grand King once have called Forsters and some of the London cabby produced it.Judy had a new operation was notable by her absence.But then Helen Mirren was regally swept over for her.as our account,this was her 25th award for The Queen.
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