upper back fat

July 11, 2006 8:45am CST
I have fat on my upper back, I have been excerising with the gazelle and ab squeeze with I need some suggestions to excerise my upper back, should I use weights?
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@Meg2006 (102)
• Kenya
18 Aug 06
Why don't you try liposuction?
@randyw (216)
• Russell, Kansas
13 Aug 06
Exercising your upper back will build muscle, but you'll never see it with the fat covering the muscle. The best way to burn fat is with diet and cardio exercise. You can't burn fat in one specific area of the body and not others. I highly recommend this program: http://www.bodyforlife.com Hope this helps!
• United States
13 Aug 06
I am sorry to hear your problem i am only one person. Not a pro at all. i had the gazzelle 2 years ago Oh how I loved it. lent it to a cousin never got it back. Well I had tires around my Middle and my back was large. I started ty-bo billy blanks and and lost it. I am now doing turbo jam. I will honestly say I lost it and did not see it. I was told by so many people your losng weight. I was not looking at my self. i do admit i was so crazy one day I kept pulling up my pantys and the would not stay up. I kept and kept till i started laughing. that was the day I bought me ny undies and pants. i had kept muy same clothes and looked horrible. I worn 3 pairs of shorts for 1 year. But I was also depressed. you should see my clothes now. good luck are you in Miami we could work out together some time.
11 Jul 06
why isn't anyone responding to my question?
11 Jul 06
Do you have any suggestions from excess upper back fat excerises?