What is the best way to keep your sister in the house?

March 11, 2007 8:33am CST
my sister LOVES to go outdoors, she has her own set of friends, most of them are her age, and some are a little older (their ages range from 14-16 years old).. they've been friends ever since they were still toddlers and i completely understand her if she prefer to stay with them, but since they are already teenagers, i don't think it is still best for her to go out with them, i mean TWO of her friends were already reported pregnant, one is 15, the other is 14.. i am so shocked that i forbid her to see her friends for i am afraid she might also get pregnant, i am not saying that i don't trust her, it's just that i don't trust her boyfriend.. she still doesn't tell us that she has a boyfriend, probably she is embarrassed for she is somewhat boyish, but i know she has a boyfriend cause i accidentaly read one of her letters.. well, i was proud at first, but now, i really am not sure.. she's keeping it a secret, i never dared to ask her.. also she keeps seeing whoever this guy is without us knowing, so how am i suppose to know nothing has happened between them? she is still 15 and I really don't like her to have the same fate as her two friends, my father already bought a Personal Computer so that she will stay at home, but she still manages to get out of the house.. my parents already know she has a boyfriend, but they are keeping silent, we are all waiting for her to tell us.. anyways, i'm really worried about her, could you please help me keep her inside the house? i am sorry this is long... thank you for taking the time to read this, i really need advice, fast.. =)
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@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
11 Mar 07
Your concern for your sister is good but a heart to heart talk with her would do. Simply tell her what you wrote in this discussion. Let her know how you feel about her boyfriend. Yes it will be awkward but if you put this to her nicely, she will remember and be wary about it. Don't ground her or be stricter. It will only make her rebel against you and might be more careless. Goodluck to you my friend.