are you a heavy smoker?

March 11, 2007 8:58am CST
in my country indonesia, almost 70% people, specially men, must be a smoker,it's more like a habit culture at here.Women too, but in the narrow perception, woman had a bad reputate if they smoke, of course it's only happen in our country, i admired the human right to smoke, and me of course a heavy smoker too. :D but in case to make a clean air for a healthy people, our country started to make a tight regulation about smoking area,but it seems like noone notice it, and that is just other empty regulation. I had a bronchitis since i was baby, but it doesn't make me sick to keep smoking, sometimes i had hard to breath, but it 's not happen in everytime. I never smoke in front of kid, woman, and in the close public area. So are you a heavy smoker?
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