Help!! - I am afraid of CATS

March 11, 2007 10:04am CST
I wanted to ask for any tips you may have. I am extremely afraid of cats, I used to be afraid of dogs as well but was able to overcome that. My husband helped me by bringing puppies as pets and today I love my dogs like they were my children. With the dogs at home we cannot bring cats because even if they see one in the street they get very agressive. But what bothers me is this - Even if I am alone somewhere and a cat approaches me, I feel the urge to kick it. As I said I am a big dog lover and wouldn't hurt an animal for anything in the world, but the thought that the cat touches me makes me agressive even if I don't want to. Up till this day I never kicked any cats but that is the first impulse I have. Any tips?? I swear I will try
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@moirax23 (317)
• Malta
10 Oct 07
Oh my I'm in the exact same situation. My current phobia is about cats, but I used to have another fear of heights. I mean being very scared of the smallest height. I got rid of that phobia with another one I think!