Number of responses in discussion for payment?

March 11, 2007 2:50pm CST
I read that you get 1 cent for ten answers to discussions you have started. Does that mean 3 answers from one discussion, 4 from another and so on, and when you get 10 total answers you earn a penny? Or does each discussion have to have a minimum of ten answers to get a payment for the responses?
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@Eskimo (2317)
11 Mar 07
I don't think MyLot actually states how much you get for starting discussions, but they usually pay 1c if you add a suitable (and legal) picture to it. Most of my discussions don't have as many as ten responses to them so I cannot tell you the exact answer to you question, but you can get between 1c and 3c for each suitable response you do, must be several lines of relevant text. There were occasions in the past when some members pasted the same response to many different discussions to try and cheat MyLot into paying them, as it is a lot quicker to paste a response than it is to type it, this sort of thing is usually dealt with very quickly by MyLot.