who's the man!? who's the man!? huh! who's the man!?

@theddy (31)
March 11, 2007 8:57pm CST
who would you say is a man... in a relationship... let's put it in a way that they have the same status in life... both have a job, both are graduates of good education, both are smart and both have wives with same attitude. let's imaginge they are both in different places, but, with the same situation: situation is: they went for an overtime work, and a very hot(use your imagination) woman co-worker, went near them and ask them a few questions, interesting at the same time, flirty questions. gestures show that the woman wants to get it on with him. all of a sudden the woman sat on their lap facing fron and kiss them toridly, started undressing them, at the same time she undresses herself and gives the guy a head and went on with it til they satisfy their desires. now: both guys went home to their wives as if nothing happened. guy1 went on to his daily home routine... kiss the wife, sit at the dinner table, rest, and watch tv. never mentioned anything that happened. guy2 kissed the wife, had dinner and confessed to her wife what happened in the office. now who do you think is the man? MALE and FEMALE mylotians have different opinions on this... now let's see what are your opinions.
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@marky14 (43)
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
i always belive that being open and honest is a good thing in a relationship. i salute the man who has been honest to his wife.