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March 12, 2007 12:12am CST
The difference between a child and an adult is that being an adult we are expected to be responsible. More responsibilities are entrusted to us and we are accountable for so much more than when we were younger. In your status now, what are your major responsibilities in life? And what are those that are not so major but you know you have to be responsible for as well? How do you handle these responsibilities? especially when they become too overwhelming? I think I will always be afraid of responsibilities, maybe because I am afraid to fail. I am afraid that if I do not do my work well, I will be accountable for it, sometimes it gets really overwhelming that responsibilities tend to bring us frustrations. But the reality of life is that we can never be free from them. As long as there is life, we will forever have responsibilities, be it a task or dependents.
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
12 Mar 07
first of all , do not be afraid to fail because if you do ,you won't be moving forward and be stuck to the things you only knew. in batman returns, master wayne was taught why we fall : we fall to learn how to stand up .dare to fail! it is difficult for most of us to accept the reality that most of the things we do , fails. there are more failures in our life that success and because of these we become a better person in the process. we learn from the things we did and did not do , so do not be afraid to tackle on a task or any responsibility. the more you limit and escape from it ,the less success you will achieve.invite challenges , welcome failures as your friend and embrace it with a smile and it will be your friend and you will be rewarded with a lot of success.