close to nature?

March 12, 2007 3:09am CST
how close r u to nature?? today im feeling just so happy seeing the weather outside i just can spend hours looking at the trees., plants n feel et eternity wen im amongst nature......... do u feel the same? wat kind of influence does nature has on u ?? i feel we can learh a lot frm her n feel closer to god wen we r among nature................
2 responses
• India
13 Mar 07
I agree with u. Nature has a very hight influence in our life. According to Nature our moods will also change. I am from Kerala and am enjoying the true beauty of Nature. Rain has a very big influence in my life.
• Singapore
12 Mar 07
I've even dreamt of having a tree house. That way, i can spend alot of time to be near mother nature. It always have this healing process when you are near nature, i feel my spirit being renewed and my spirits soar high to the clouds. I try to be near nature, even have plants in my bedroom to keep me company. Do you know that green plants can help with soothing your eyes, especially when you stare at the computer too long, try to look at some green plants, and your visions will feel better. Try it out yourself...