Star Fish

@moonke (64)
March 12, 2007 3:57am CST
One day I was walking along the beach. I could see a little girl throwing something into the ocean. When i got closer i could see that she was throwing star fish that had washed up from a storm the night before. When I got closer I asked her "why are you throwing the star fish back into the ocean, it's not like you can save them all?" She picked up another star fish and as she was throwing it back into the ocean she said "yeah, but it made a difference to that one." So what is the point of this story, well the fact that we will always be faced with things in our life. Some big things, and some small things. But it is how we handle these things that make the difference. Sure we could go on walking and not care and stay on the same path. But when we make small decision this is what enriches our lifes the most.
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4 Apr 07
Awww How inspiring, Its nice to think she took the time out to try to save those star fish, well if she managed to get one back in the sea that was lucky to be still alive, then thats just one saved to live another day. Quite often it is often the small things we do in life that makes a big difference to something or someone. Lynn-Marie