Lessons from GLADIATOR

March 12, 2007 4:39am CST
I actually watched the movie some years back in the cinema. Besides it having a very heroic story and great I learned a few practical lessons about Leadership. The hero of the movie, Máximo, was a great fighter (skilled in pitting skill and warfare and physically strong), but that was not what made him great in that film for his main enemy possessed both of those two qualities. What did he possess that made him a great leader? - He had integrity - he changed not. The reason mhy Maximo was able to command the following and admiration of his soldiers was his integrity. He was genuine - in fact he was consistent, predictable, upright. - He had a heart for his people - they were not less important than his own life. His soldiers knew that. Those who have heard of him knew that. More than just confidence, he displayed concern for those under him. Those under him trusted his leadership as a result. - He had inner strength. That is what i admired most about Maximo. In times of trials and impossible circumstances, he was able to harness inner strength to face them rather than let fear and fate take control. That allowed him to always be in control, no matter how overwhelming the situations could be. I believe in that movie, Máximo was not just playing a role he was living out what he was deep inside. The above have a great deal to do with character. I believe great characters makes great leaders. How about you?
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@Sengrath (210)
• Romania
12 Mar 07
I totaly agree with you , great movie, great story, great character, BUT ,..BUT he's name is MAXIMUS :)
• Singapore
14 Mar 07
You are right Sengrath. Thanks for the correction :)