How are you similar/different from your siblings?

@astromama (1226)
United States
March 12, 2007 5:28am CST
Both of my brothers came to visit me this weekend. It's been awhile since the three of us just hung out together, and I was noticing just how much I'm like them in some ways and different in others. We are all very skeptical people, and we make each other laugh like crazy. I actually had to ask them to stop being so funny a time or two because I couldn't breathe and was having chest pains from laughing too hard (I'm pregnant, so sometimes I have to choose between talking, laughing, or breathing... I just can't do more than one at a time!) I notice, though, that my older brother and I share certain attitudes about politics and humor, while the younger one and I share an easy-going physical affection that isn't there with my other brother. Where are you similar to your siblings? Different? I would say a major difference for me is that my little brother is arrogant and know-it-all, while I am more humble and the older one is a slob, where I am very clean. So strange that we all came from the same gene pool!
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12 Mar 07
I have a twin sister and although we are genetically the same and have very many personality similarities we are in fact very different. We have different outlooks on life and react differently in some situations. I think genes aren't eveyrthing, your personality is also shaped by the way your life has turned out.