how to lose weight

March 12, 2007 7:12am CST
I've worried about my figure for years.People always call me "full figured".As we know,fatness is not health.So how to lose the excessive weight is really a problem for me. I have tried a lot of methods without success.Most friends told me that losing weight is as easy as breathing.Just "more exercise,less eating".But for me,it's not work.What my weight was is what it is now. Can anyone do me a favor to show me the effective way of losing weight.......
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@sunshine4 (8706)
• United States
12 Mar 07
The only program that I have found really works for me is Weight Watchers. It is essential to go to the meetings and get weighed every week. They teach you what you should be eating and then slowly work in the exercise. I tried doing it on my own, but really needed the support of the meetings to loose the weight. It is all a state of mind. You have to really want to loose and be motivated to get the help needed.
• China
14 Mar 07
Thank you for your advices... I had taken some pills a year ago...But it didn't work... I guess...maybe its all because of my family.My dad,my aunts and my uncles are all do I... However,I've always been on diet.I control what I eat,also try to do more exercise... Will it work?I've no idea...
• China
19 Apr 07
I tried a lot of ways to lose weight,but I failed again and again.I also keep a diat,they told me that exercise is effective but the problem is that I can't keep on it,so which is unavailable for me again.