is an iguana a good pet to have?

@mykykko (424)
March 12, 2007 8:40am CST
is it mean?will i get rabies just in case it bites me?will it run away if i take it outside? what do they eat? can they sleep beside humans?
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27 May 07
Iguana's eat mostly fresh fruits and veggies and they are fairly clean pets. They COULD make good pets but some of them DO NOT tame very easily. My first green iguana was wonderful. She tamed fairly easily and loved to chill on your shoulder or go outside on her leash. She wasn't very skittish and we loved her. We had her for MANY years and then she passed away. My 2nd iguana was HORRIBLE. I could never tame her. She was always skittish and tried to get away from me. She hissed and tried to bite me on several occasions. She only lived for a year so i'm convinced that she was sick but I was told by the petstore and the vet that not all iguana's tame. I don't think iguanas get rabies but they could carry other diseases so you must wash your hands after handling them. They will run away if you take them outside but there are special "iguana leashes" for that and they don't sleep besides humans but you could let them roam freely around the house. You should definately do some research BEFORE you buy one and make sure that it's for you. Good luck!
@rusty2rusty (6758)
• Defiance, Ohio
21 May 07
Yes, an iguana can be a good pet to have. If you care for it properly. I have onwed two in the past. Iguanas can be mean. But if you handle them alot they are not afraid of humans. They don't tend to be mean then and are not afraid to be handled. No, I have never heard of anyone getting rabies fronm an iguana. You can get somenella posioning if you don't sanitize and wash your hands properly after touching one. Iguanas will run away. They love to runa dn are very fats runners. But you can buy a leash/harness at the local pet store and put one on your iguana and walk them. yes, they can sleep besides humans. But I wouldn't recommend it because of the somenella poisoning. I suggest you do an internet search on iguanas. So you can lern more about them before getting one.