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March 12, 2007 1:01pm CST
Hey Guys...What's your favourite scene or part from Harry Potter books.. 1 or 2 special scenes that you felt really deserve appreciation For me it's in the sixth part where Dumbledore Desperately tries to make Harry understand the difference between being dragged to a battle field and going in a battle with head held high. The emotion and the maturity reaches its real heights at this moment for J.K. another of my favourites is the last scene in OOTP-"harry nodde.he somehow could not find words to tell them what it meant to him to see them all ranged there on his side".just feel harry's emotions then. another is the last scene in HBP-"inspite of the final meeting with voldemort....there was still one last golden day of peace left to enjoy with ron and hermione".just this little thing shows you so shows you that no matter how much harry hates voldemort,no matter how much he has had to mature in so short a space of time,no matter how much the burden of responsibility on his shoulders and his realization of it, matter wht,harry potter is still only a boy of 16. a young kid. scared in his heart of hearts. just a young boy. i can't explain,but i canrelate to harry's youth,his inexperience, his inner fears and worries and doubts,his pain,through this scene. So What's your Favourite scene ???
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@nitsy_s (1028)
• India
13 Mar 07
I dint actually read the books,coz i dont like reading. But i have seen the movie, all 4 parts. Liked all of them. Dont really remember the scenes. I am bad at remebering things. I watch too many movies and to remember all of them is a big task.
@zeb_bhai (28)
12 Mar 07
watched it ages ago an now dun even rememba lolzzz. seriusly man i dun rememba wa haapend still i remeber the part when harry gets to know that the person he thinks is a villain is actully tryna help him...
@kellahinx (372)
• United States
12 Mar 07
MY favorite scene is based more on just cinematic is the duel at the end of OOTP between Voldemort and Dumbledore...just picturing the non-verbal spell casting and the total control over their magic of these two wizards really makes you feel that this is what magic is supposed to look like...Plus the deeply divided differences between these two charaters make there interactions highly engaging...