true, but strange and unbelievable

@sunavi (16)
March 12, 2007 2:51pm CST
This is one of the scientific facts whihc I keep thnking about We know that average radius of Earth is 6,400 km And that earth revolves around itself in 24 hrs the cicumference becomes 40,228 kms this means if i am standing on the equator, i am moving at a speed of 1,676 kmph or 465 m/s Did anyone think about this? sunavi
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• Germany
16 Mar 07
Yes I thought of it. And I think it is one very strong reason to start believing in God. One can immediately understand the complexity of the universe and that it cannot exist without a creator.
• Canada
12 Mar 07
Yeah, I realized that one day when I was thinking to myself as a child. The part that surprises me the most is that it is significantly faster than the speed of sound.