Hole in pajamas reveals Internet plagiarism

@chardyme (1633)
March 12, 2007 7:24pm CST
LONDON (Reuters) - Candidates for British universities have been caught red-handed copying their applications from the Internet after hundreds mentioned "burning a hole in pajamas at age eight" on their online entrance forms. The phrase, taken from a Web site which provides examples of personal statements used by successful candidates, describes an early encounter with a chemistry set. Medical course applications from 370 others contained statements beginning with "a fascination for how the human body works" and 175 included anecdotes which involved "an elderly or infirm grandfather." A study published on Wednesday by UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, found that five percent of the 50,000 personal statements surveyed at random contained "borrowed material," lifted mostly from one free Web site: www.studential.com. Most of the material plagiarized, however, was adapted by applicants with direct copying from online sources standing at less than 1 percent, the study revealed. "There is a small problem but we're looking at ways to address it," said Byron Price, communications officer of UCAS.
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@emeraldisle (13139)
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13 Mar 07
Heheh oh that one is good. I mean if you are going to borrow in such a fashion you should make sure it's a resource many others aren't going to be using. Not that I agree with plagerizing but use a little sense. If it's easily found then they can easily check. Just a little common sense there. Got to wonder sometimes about people. Of course I suppose if they are going to cheat on their entrance applications they are looking for the easiest way out. Not always the best way to view things for college. That takes a lot of work and they should know that from the get go.