Student role in society

March 12, 2007 7:50pm CST
hi to every one....this discusiion especially goes to students.....whats the role of student in the society?whether he/she limited to their studies or college only or whether they have responsibility on society?cos student age is the best choice to utilise their talent which is useful to society cos in my city i had found a lot students from various colleges are joined in some organizations like Red cross society and some other organizations and helping the poor people and participating in the society works actively..and one more question is is it right choice to use students in politics, i mean giving political power to ur answers?
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• Philippines
15 Mar 07
for me as a student,my responsibility does not only limit in my studies or in the college but also to society where i belong. Now,the role of student in the society is to become a role model of other youth by virtue of character and discipline; to encourage them to take a move for a bright future. i wont say that it is right or wrong choice to give polirical power to student. Here in the Phils we have this Sangguniang Kabataan or the so-called S.K., but as far as i have observed, some of our S.K. officials especially the chairmans were greatly influenced by other big time politicians to cheat especially during elections.
@vesuvius (1677)
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
Students are in fact a nation's hope.. These group of people might just change the way things turn in the world, so I guess students like me have a very great role in the society.. I agree with when you've said that this is the best stage for talent-utilization, moreover, this stage in life also molds us to how we should act in the outside world - being a student exposes us to what's potentially beneficial and detrimental outside, with this fact, we are held responsible in doing things the right way. It's nice to note that there are people some of which you know - that engage in sensible and good-visioned acts, I guess these people have in fact found the right track in their lives and surely, they've learned quite well the essence of being a student. Student power is needed, because this 'trains' them to be leaders of the future, however, there should be limitations to this power because young minds have the tendency to judge things immaturely.. Proper guidance is still badly needed.. B-)
@vanities (11409)
• Davao, Philippines
13 Mar 07
it does play a great role remember they are our future generations what they maybecome today counts alot in the future..i hope schools will inculcate more on morality and honesty or shall we say imphasize more and incorporate all this on their subject at least...