March 12, 2007 9:54pm CST
When we were kids our parents or relatives taught us not to LIE about anything because they say that lying is like cheating and when you get caught its hard for other people to give us their trust. But what if they are the ones who lie? Would you still trust them? Would you still idolized them? There's this one person in my life that I don't trust anymore. Yeah, I love him but he lies a lot and it makes things complicated. The sad thing about it is when he makes stories which are not true. For instance, saying that I or one of the people close to him said something but in reality I or the person didn't say anything. If only lying can kill. He'll be dead by now. God help him.
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@mjgarcia (725)
• United States
13 Mar 07
I don't trust people that lie to me. I can and will forgive most things, but that is something that I won't forget. I had a friend that lied about everything. Her stories always changed and evolved. I've heard her tell stories of things I was present for and I didn't even recognize the event. For her - lying was easier than the truth. The sad thing was-after awhile she believed her own lies.