wanting kids at 25

United States
March 12, 2007 11:22pm CST
Okay, I'm right now 23 and I plan on getting married next year. I have decided that 25 would be a good age to start a family. The only problem is that my boyfriend thinks its stupid and wants to wait until we are 30!!! I don't want to be the old mom in the pta LOL! Anyways, we will both be done with college so i don't really see a problem with it. so my question is, at what age did you have your first kids? Do you think 25 is way to young?
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• Ghana
21 Mar 07
Hello friend, I have received your mail. I am the one who said I love things that the flag of USA is inscribed on it. YOU told me to send you my address so that you will post me some. Please remember also to add your address to it because I will post you sth after I have received yours.This is my postal address Amos mensah box Gp 14795 Accra Ghana email; ericbaayim@yahoo.co.uk
• India
13 Mar 07
it is the perfect age to get kids and groom them..... atleast you would be fully grown up by that time...(lol).... 30 is too old.... mind you!
@anjoks (2084)
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
So many great things instore for you my dear. U-r still young and besides your bf still doesn't want to tie the knot not until 30. You have to compromise. Don't push things hard on your boyfriend. Take things one step at a time. Life is great. Enjoy each other's company first. Enjoy life being single. . In no time for sure, it will come to you both. (",)
@evehill (28)
• Singapore
13 Mar 07
He must back up his answer with a reason in the first place. You can also argue with points like... 1. when you're 50, the kid will be 25, good time to retire and let your tid take care of you instead of being 50 and still struggling to pay for your kid's education 2. when your kid's a toddler, you wont be too old to run around the house to chase them or play with them 3. the chances of you getting pregnant will be lowered as you age, same goes for the guys.
@Darkwing (21588)
13 Mar 07
I had my kids at a younger age than 25 and I'm glad I did because I was fit enough and young enough to do things with them, when they felt energetic! lol. I think 25 is a very good time to start a family. You're old enough to plan sensibly and not going past your prime time for becoming pregnant. If you leave it too late, say thirty and you don't fall for a couple of years, where will you be then? No, I agree with you on 25 being a good time. Brightest Blessings.