Define hippy.

March 13, 2007 12:25am CST
Ok. I don't fit the classic "granola" momma. I don't breastfeed anymore, my daughter self weaned at 6 months (and yes folks they CAN self wean at 6 months it does happen!) we don't have wooden toys except for a few, we do have junk food off and on. I do want to get into baby wearing if I can with my daughter (I hate pushing a stroller!) and I do co sleep with her. We do organic as much as possible. I am not a vegan by any means (need my meat once in awhile). We do the mostly fruits and veggies thing, but you know kids they love their french fries! BUT on that note, I also think of myself as a hippy. I love peace. LOVE it. I don't like war. Infact I think the war is a cruel sick joke ... but thats another story. I believe in John Lennon and everything he had to say...and yes if I had a peace sign I would wear it. And we do cloth diaper. So, would one call me a hippy? Or would you call me a nut?
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