What do you feel about a person getting married to another of same gender?

@ackars (1942)
March 13, 2007 1:08am CST
If a person of your gender desperately wants to marry you,what will be your decision...Suppose its your close friend and you have never thought of it from him/her...?What would you advice him?I personally will sit and talk to him and make him understand...If he is not comin on the right track I would inform his relatives(I mean parents) and suggest them to take him to a hospital at the earlies..I think he needs a better councelling.But for no chance Im going to marry him...
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• Singapore
13 Mar 07
There must be something that is drawing you to him or her, that is for sure. A nice talk with him should be able to bring some sense to him/her and if it doesn't work a counselling session will be ideal choice, however this will have to be done with that person willing to cooperate and for this therapy. Personally, i have friends whom like one another and of the same gender. Too bad, my country's laws does not allow such union of the same gender, if not they might get married though. At first, my friend told me of his early years as a person who likes the same gender. I was amused but not afraid of him, i'm just glad that he treats me like a buddy whom will confide his problems to me. That i'm grateful.
• United States
13 Mar 07
I would say if the two people are in love it doesn't really matter let them have there life together but for whay you are discribing is that only one person is in love and the other person had no idea of these feeling then I would try to talk it over with them and let them know that I was just no inrested and if they could not except that I would probably get a restraining order