family matter

March 13, 2007 2:56am CST
i'm ten years married with in that year we only stay together for 6 to7 years because i have to leave and work abroad.we have 1 son who's 9 years old now and presently staying with my parents.i took my son from him when i had my last vacation because i saw that he can't take cae of my son he just depending on his prents to take care of our son.he is jobless in our country until now.i don't know what he want to happen to his life.during my last vacation he felt that he's being cold to me and i'm not expecting that.until now it hurts.when i came back to work my son called me and told me everything that my husband having an affair with another married woman who has 3 childern and the husband of this woman is also working in son told me also that during week ends his father sometimes took him to spend his week end with him but my son told me that his father jus left him with his grandparents and he don't know where his father is going he don't even notice what time he come back it seems that all my suffering and hard work here in abroad to earn for a leaving for my family seem useless that my husband cheated me.i really don't know what to do i love my husband to much.what did i do wrong?he don't call me or even send a message.sometimes i tried to call him he just kept on saying hello pretending that he can't hear me after that his mobile is off.the next dat he will send message telling that his low battery.i just need here some advice or opinion.even it hurts i have to accept the fact.
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