do you ever believed in a money tree?

bonsai money tree - money tree such bonsai
March 13, 2007 3:05am CST
do you ever believed on having a money tree in your courtyard or even in inside your house? been heard a lot since i was in highschool, and up to now this days money tree still do exist. is this really true? that if you have one of this you don't lost money to your family? or it was just a supersticious believed as humans part of experimentation and it's just a physcological part in our mind? what's your own opinion? if you do have one of a money tree what's the name of your money tree.
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@rsa101 (24174)
• Philippines
25 Jun 07
I love plants that is why whether that plant brings luck to our house it doesn't matter I just love plants and seeing them as one of my collection just makes me happy and contented with it.
@Redkitty (480)
• India
15 Mar 07
i did not belive it if i have money tree i will put the name money plant
@oarnamav (2708)
• India
13 Mar 07
The belief is ok but it's not any physical plant which exists but it's concept about money. Some sometime in the past misinterpreted the thing in this fashion and everybody after him continued the belief. The money tree in short means you have to water it and you have to protect it from natural calmities for it's growth and further you have to wait for the fruits to come to this tree. You even can't cut and use the leaves of this tree unless it grows to its full growth. The meaning of all the above text is you must follow a hard work method to grow the earning methods. you have to care from calamities means you must care your business or earnings from all type of losses and don't cut the leves means do not spend the capital invested in the business frequently so that earnings don't get leafless. wait for the fruits means withdraw some money only if you feel the business would not get affected even if a little amount is withdrawn. This all theory is applicable when you are in real way of money making in some business and not implies to an employee at all because you can try it out your salaries always grow late when all horses in the market have reached the goal posts and you are the last unfortunate in this money race. If you are a servent somewhere never think of any money plant or any tree concept in the life, you will be nurtured by artificial wax-fruits all the life, hich are not sweet nor juicy. they have to be kept in the showcase of your life only . Wishing you a great earnings in the life.
• Indonesia
13 Mar 07
hahaha... money tree is just child story i thinks, but maybe it can be hapenned, coz there is something cannot happend on this world.