Would you stop seeing your man if your family don't approve of him?

March 13, 2007 3:35am CST
I think many of you can relate to this topic. This is very common now a days esp to pipol who have relationships that both families don't approve. I have a friend who is in a secret relationship right now. They have been together for 5 long yrs until one day someone saw them and told the parents of the girl about their affair. The mother of the girl really don't like the guy bec. of some family issues. The mother don't like the family background of the guy. The girl was told by the mother to choose but then the girl said that "Y choose if I can have both"... So they kept the relationship and still in a secret mode. hehehe:) Accdg to the girl that it's not the family background that is important to make the relationship work but it's how you work on it. So, they had an agreement that they will prove to the people that they are worth it and their relationship is worth fighting for.. So, if you are in the shoes of the girl, will you take the risk? What will you do? Are you willing to fight for your man at the expense of the people you love?
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• United States
13 Mar 07
I am actually in that relationship but for me..I've never been close to my family. In fact, my family is not much of a family so I have no problem ignoring them. Esp when I've been with my fiance for five years and I'm 18. He has helped me get to college and move out and I have helped him financially. Now me and him are on even ground and planning to get an apartment in August.
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
thats gud 2 hear!! at least uve follow ur hart and it makes you happy. me also, i am currently in this position and i am also having a hard time on which decision is ryt. if i will take the risk.. its so tiring to hear a lot of nag from people telling you to break up with him.. haller!! its my life.. hehehe ;0 i do hope i have the same courage as you have.. hehee:)