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French Fries - TFA 4.5 to 6.1
March 13, 2007 4:18am CST
The next time you sink your teeth into that piping hot paratha or tiki,watchout. A new researchg has found that western food is alesser evil thatn the Indian channa-batura or parathas.Digest this: while the transfatty acids(Hydrogenated oils and fats) in freach Fires(per 100gm) is 4.2-6.1%,it is 9.5% in bhatura,7.8% in paratha and 7.6% each in puri and tikkis. Presenting these findings at a conference on 'Fats and trans-fatty acids in Indian diet" at the 7th Health Essayists and Authors league(HEAL)here,Anoop Misra,director andhead department of diabetes and metabolic diseased at the fortis Group of hospitals said:"The myth must go.While we blame Western Food as junk,Indian food i wors. The presence of trans-fatty acids in our food is much higher,posing a risk for development of diabetes and coronary heart disease in early 20s and 30s," Misra said. But this doesn't mean that junk food is healthier. It is just less harmful than Indian dishes. The south Indian snacks of Idli-dosa have won hands down in the 'fat-battle" and are high in protein and carbohydrates, while a morning breackfast of idli-sambar-chiku and coffee has 9.3% protein content in it,the dosa chutney papaya tea had 6.7% protein. But health expert were unanimous on one count,Ban the Vanaspati which has high TFA content and that no oil is fat free,But Vanaspati is worst. What are transfatty acids and why are they bad? -When unsaturated vegetable fats are subjected to the process of hydrogenation,transfatty acids are formed. Transfatty acids increase total cholesterol levels and are detrimental to cardiac health. Not only does the risk of coronary heart disease doubles due to the content of TFA in diet, there is evidence of changes in cholesterol ratios. there is weight gain and abdominal fat and the risk of diabetes is high. Where are TFAs found? TFAs are found in deep fried fast food, bakery products and packaged snacks.
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