Cell phones..

@jenfer (166)
United States
March 13, 2007 8:22am CST
Its hard to believe that only a few years, we didn't even have phones with color screens. And while the Philippines is the world's text messaging (SMS or Short Message Service) capital, few had even heard of multimedia messaging service or MMS. M&M's, sure, but not MMS. These days, however, you don't really buy a mobile phone just to call up someone. It's become more of a lifestyle accessory-- as some people would put it, "My mobile is me". From mix-and-match cell phone casings, to MMS wallpapers, to ringtones and ringtunes, to integrated cameras and MP3 players, we want to customize our mobiles and get the latest bells and whistles, because it's no longer just a device but an extension of our personality. As the name implies, MMS is based on SMS, and this mobile technology allows you to attach multimedia files to your text message, including photo, audio and video clips-while some skeptics were wondering why in the world people would pay more per message just to exchange photos, they hadn't counted on the natural human urge to share pictures of themselves and their loved ones.
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